Freedom Wheelchairs is founded and operated by people who have first-hand experience of what it’s like to live with a disability.

Our goal is to bring freedom and opportunity by enabling disabled people to achieve their goals and to live life to the full.

Our wheelchair makes it possible to join family and friends for a day at the beach, walk your dog long distances over varied terrains, visit national parks and snow resorts, or take a holiday that would otherwise be difficult due to accessibly issues. 

Product Features

By using a fully enclosed tracked driving mechanism, rather than wheels, that is powered by sealed internal electric motors and batteries, our wheelchair is narrow enough for standard domestic use, while also being dust, sand and water-proof with no risk of corrosion. 

About us

After having his leg removed and requiring a wheelchair for the first time, Freedom Wheelchairs founder, Michael Buckland-Ware, used his engineering know-how to design and build a chair that would deliver greater independence, by allowing him to do as much as possible for himself. 

When Michael built his first chair using tracks instead of wheels, he was overwhelmed by the response from others, and soon realised many more people could benefit from his ingenuity… and so Freedom Wheelchairs was born. 

Our vision is to bring opportunity to as many people as we can, from our customers and staff, to the broader community. We do this by:

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